Best Time to Visit Guatemala – Travel Guide to Tourism in Guatemala

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Best Time to Visit Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country with many different dry and wet seasons, but the typically warm, tropical weather has called it the “land of everlasting spring”. While much of the nation does experience sunny days and sometimes mild, cold nights throughout the year, high temperatures differ widely depending on elevations and this too should be remembered when deciding where to go for your next vacation.

If you are looking for a hot destination with plenty of history and adventure, look no further than Guayaquil. Here we will look at some of the best times to visit Guatemala and the surrounding region.




The Best Time to Visit Guayaquil

All of Central America for that matter is from October to March. This is the dry season and the temperature is milder than at any other time of year. The low season is from early June to late September, a good time to experience a variety of different cultures. In addition to visiting historical sites and landmarks, visiting local cuisine and shopping is highly recommended.

For a slightly different type of holiday atmosphere, look to September. September is the best time to visit Guatemala’s capital city, Guatemala City. It is considered to be the cultural, entertainment, and sightseeing capital of the country.

There are numerous festivals held throughout the month of September, and visitors are encouraged to attend. Tourist getaways are not limited to just September; there is also the month of March, which sees the last of the dry season.

When Considering the Best Time to Visit Guatemala

October to March is considered the high point in terms of weather. The months of September, along with the dry season, bring tropical storms and hurricane-force winds.

The hurricane season in Central America is much milder than what it is in the southern United States. Travelers may consider packing up and traveling in May or June if they desire to experience the beautiful atmosphere that hurricanes in central America create.

The months of October and march offer a slightly milder environment but still remain ideal for visiting and experiencing the culture of Guatemala.

Although the months of March and October offer a slightly milder environment, the best time to visit Guatemala to enjoy the rainy season is in December. The dry season in Guatemala is generally short, lasting from early July to mid-September.

This is the perfect time for families to take advantage of some of the beautiful destinations, such as Coba, Popayan, and Coba City, that are not affected by the hurricane season. Families are encouraged to avoid traveling during the hurricane season in order to reduce the amount of travel time necessary to see all of these popular destinations.

Another consideration when deciding which months to visit Guatemala is the height of the expected temperatures. The dry season averages only two weeks long, while the rainy season is normally between ten and fourteen days.

For individuals who are interested in experiencing a little more adventure, the time between the rainy season and the beginning of summer offers better temperatures and activities. Summer temperatures often exceed sixty degrees, which is still higher than the average temperature for the time of year.

The Best Time to Visit T Tikal

The Best Time to Visit T Tikal

TikalĀ is also contingent on the time of year. Spring is the best time to travel from the city to the coast, as tropical storms begin to pick up. Traveling from March to May or June to October provides the best time to view the sights and sounds of the coastal region of Guatemala. Again, however, the possibility of hurricanes exists during this period.

The best time to visit Guatemala can be difficult to pinpoint, as each month has its own quirks and attractions. It is best to plan a trip that incorporates several months to allow for a change of scenery and explore different wildlife. Traveling through March to May and June to October is considered to be the “rainy season” for the tropical region of Guatemala.

Traveling from the city of Machu Picchu in the southwest to the coast in the central highlands, and visiting various towns along the way, is an excellent way to experience Guatemala. For those interested in seeing the lush jungle, there are trips that take place throughout March to October, traveling from the city of Machu Picchu to the town of Coba.


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