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Bombay Cat Live. Due to its background, the bombay shares characteristics with both american shorthairs and the burmese, but it also has characteristics all its own. If your bombay cat does not drink water, i recommend using wet cat food since wet cat food has a high moisture level.

Bombay Cat Breed Information & Pictures CyberPet
Bombay Cat Breed Information & Pictures CyberPet from

If you haven’t read my blog on the lifespan of a bombay cat you can here. Overall, bombay is considered a healthy breed but there are a few things to look out for. Many breeds allow for black coated cats, but there is only one breed that is only accepted in black.

Bombay Cat Breed Information & Pictures CyberPet

She does well in quiet apartments where she’s the center of attention as well as in. They love the affection that family members bestow and most are generally happy to play with children before. With the american shorthair and the bombay cat being such close relatives and with the fact that i love coco so much, i’ll definitely consider living with a bombay cat in the future… when it comes to bombay cat personality, this breed is a champ! The bombay cat is a domestic house cat with the look of a small panther.