Commonly Asked Excel Questions in a Job Interview

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Are you going for a job interview that requires Excel as a priority skill? You need to prepare yourself for the Excel question in a job interview to land the perfect position. Knowing the answer to these excel questions will show the interviewer that you have significant knowledge of Excel.

Excel has quite many functions, and you should be prepared for both technical and behavioral aspects of it. This article will show you what are commonly asked Excel questions and their answers that you should know.

Commonly Asked Excel Questions in a Job Interview
Excel Questions in Interview

What are Common Data Formats and Their Use?

Commonly Asked Excel Questions in a job interview

It is quite a basic question to check your knowledge of Excel. However, the question can lead to more complex related questions as it is just a base. There are quite many data formats in Excel. There is one that formats the number into decimal and round values.

There is a percentage data format that shows the number as a portion of the whole number equal to 100. Another format allows you to set a date depending on the region and choose as you like. Lastly, a data format can also be applied to strings of text.

In Microsoft Excel, How Do You Describe Formulas?

Any of the formulas might be new to you, and that’s perfectly right. However, they’re one of Excel’s most popular features, and you don’t have to remember them all. In a work interview, it is sufficient to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are familiar with them and can operate on them with some practice.

A Formula is an Equation Entered by The User; Instead of the Consumer, it Instructs Excel to Complete The Tasks Automatically.

In Excel Formulas, What is The Order of Operations?

It is to test your Excel technical fundamentals, mathematical reasoning and to see if you have the logical thinking skills required to figure out the answer. Excel formulas follow PEMDAS, ii.e.Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.

Commonly Asked Excel Questions in a Job Interview
Excel Questions for Interview

How Can The Size of an Excel File be Reduced?

The aim of these Excel questions is that they want to see how you work with Excel.

To minimize the file size, find the last cell in the last column and row with data in it, then pick all of the empty cells below and beside it. Then, remove them from the file and save them.
What is the difference between Count, Count, Countif, and Countblank? The count is a function that counts cells that contain numbers, dates, or any other value stored as a number, except blanks.

The count is an abbreviation for Count., used to count any cell value that contains numbers, text, logical values, etc., but not blanks. Countblank counts cells that are blank or have an empty string. Countif and Counties are functions that count cells that meet a set of requirements.

How can you use charts in MS Excel?

Charts and graphs are quite a great way of presenting the data and are considered the useful function of MS Excel. The software gives you plenty of options in charts that can be used to illustrate the data visually.

What is The location of the ‘ribbon’ in Microsoft Excel?

It is not essential to memorize every single detail about Microsoft Excel. However, working in an industry like Finance would require you to use Excel frequently. For example, the Ribbon is one of the most used and clicked areas in Microsoft Excel and it is important to understand what it is and where it is located.

The Ribbon is at the upper portion of the Excel spreadsheet. It has all of the menu items as well as the toolbar itself. In terms of formatting, customizing, and processing data, it is the most used segment of the program.

Commonly Asked Excel Questions in a Job Interview

How to Use a Pivot Table?

A pivot table is a tool in Excel that you can use to summarize, organize, sort, aggregate, count or compute database stored data. It is actively used in database analysts’ work to determine which is best or worst in terms of performance.

How Can You Import Data to Excel From an External Source?

You can easily import the data from other sources to Excel. Click on Data Tab in the toolbar and select the Get External Data option. It will allow you to choose the data source and import it to the Excel spreadsheet.

What is Considered The Greatest Weakness of Microsoft Excel?

If you are an expert in MS Excel, you must have known its greatest weakness. It might not seem a common question to you, but it is asked much time to test the knowledge of the app. The weakness of Excel is that you cannot collaborate with your team on the sheet and the security issues. If the team edit option is added just like Google Sheets, it will be much better t work with.

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