List of Top 10 Freelance Skills in Demand to Learn and Work Online

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Top 10 Freelance Skills
Top 10 Freelance Skills

Most in Demand Freelance Skills – Freelancers who have just started their journey might want to know about the top 10 Freelance skills in demand. As a freelancer for many years, I have observed many ups and down in trending and emerging skills. Many skills get more preference or in-demand over time but go down at some point and are replaced by another skill.

Writing this blog aims to give knowledge to all beginner freelancers about the latest demanded skills. I have covered these most in-demand skills from the top websites. Many freelance marketplaces publish their lists according to trends in their specific time and marketplace. This blog gives you a comprehensive list of the most demanded and emerging skills to grab freelance jobs in Pakistan.

Entry Data/Virtual Assistant

Regardless of all foremost technical capabilities, data entry and virtual assistant jobs have usually been in call for every year. It requires managing and organizing work for an individual with basic computer skills.  These skills do not require any four-year university degree and can be seen highly in demand on freelancing websites.

Creative Writer

All freelancer websites have a huge influx of content writers for projects. People are looking for a writer and bloggers who can produce SEO-friendly content, which is researched-based articles with a length of around 2000 words. It also requires sound knowledge of keyword research.

Video creation

This is one of the least skills in the market that is in huge demand. This is because all social media websites now prefer to use video content over pictures and text posts. Video content brings more engagement, and that is why its demand is increasing day by day. Youtube is one of the platforms where people post edited videos. This has also raised the demand for video animations and creations. There are different tools available to work on video editing work.

Digital Marketing /Social media marketing

The interest in social media marketing has surfaced due to an increase in digital marketing preference. It involves the utilization of famous social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and Pinterest. It will be the most in-demand skill even in the coming years.

Lower budget businesses search for DM (Digital Marketing) and SMMA (Social media showcasing office) specialists to help their brand reach their targeted customers and work together digitally.


Anyone can run a site, yet without traffic, the site is useless. Search engine optimization (site design improvement) helps the site rank in significant search engines, Google basically, and bring desired traffic. There are plenty of internet courses available on SEO, but I like the best on Udemy. You can learn this skill within a half year and practice it to find out additional. Remember, this field changes guidelines over time, just like the algorithm of Google changes rapidly.

Mobile App Development

80% or more of the internet users use cell phones to check queries about daily life. This tremendous traffic increase has expanded the interest for mobile application designers lately. Rather than creating local applications for iOS and Android, customers request a mixture of versatile app designers who can make applications for both iOS and Android.

Graphic Designing

Any kind of work needs graphics, and therefore the interest for visual creators will likewise be there. Be it online media, site, or print media, you will find plenty of graphic designing projects on freelancing websites. With more sites being built, the interest in UX/UI is expanding and also for the UIs of mobile applications.

Top 10 Freelance Skills
Top Freelance Skills

Website Development/ Software Development

On different platforms of freelancing, I found that software development is also in demand. I see good demand for those who are looking for quality software developers to build good cloud-based software /applications.

Besides all the skills, nobody denies the importance and demand of website development is at the top. Especially during Covid-19, where people are facing issues, this skill is most in demand. Small businesses are trying to get an online presence by hiring a website developer to build their website. In these times, the demand for e-commerce websites is increasing day by day, and it is evident in many reports.

Website developers build the website by using different platforms for clients acquired from different freelancers’ websites.

React Native/Word press/Angular JS

The increase in demand for react native, Angular JS, and WordPress can be found in a decent number of jobs posted on major sites like It will be a good decision to learn these skills and land a job in the field.

Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketers are those who help other people in promoting their companies and products. There are thousands of product creators on the internet who need assistance in handling customer service requests and setting up sales contests. Freelancers handle their work for them by promoting and managing products.

Voice over Artist

Can you get paid to talk? Yes, this is now one of the most trending skills in today’s marketplace.

Voice over artists do recordings, book recordings, plugs, webcast introductions, computer games, film trailers, corporate preparing recordings, and that’s just the beginning. When you begin to focus, you’ll notice voice-over work all over the place.

As per, the increase in demand for voice-over work is growing 10-15% each year. This is driven by solid development in the instructive and online substance markets.

Voice over work is ordinarily evaluated per project and generally changes dependent on experience and client base. For instance:

●     $30-300 for a short radio promotion or digital recording introduction

●     $500-$5000 for a book recording

●     $1000-10,000 for a progression of instructive recordings

Conclusion Thus, as a freelancer, I tried to list out the Top 10 Freelance skills in demand published in best-published marketplace websites. Every freelancing market published website published skills based on the trends that are considered top priority skills that highlight new, emerging skills. I hope this gives you a head start on what skills to learn and excel in the freelancing business. These skills might remain constant for coming years and might be a good decision to start learning now.

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