What is Freelancing in Pakistan? 100 Million Dollars’ Guide

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At the University, we heard from people that they were using different online platforms to earn money but I didn’t pay attention that how can an individual earn from any online source. But in this article, I will show you that how can we earn on the internet. I am not going to tell you what is freelancing In Pakistan and how can you understand the freelancing platforms to earn your

What is Freelancing in Pakistan? 100 Million Dollars’ Guide
Freelancing in Pakistan

How do Freelancers in Pakistan Grow?

When we specifically discuss this platform on the behalf of Pakistan, same as in other countries, it is obvious that the whole world is currently covered with global crises due to Coronavirus. Pakistan is in the list of those under developing countries that always face unemployment issues and due to this pandemic, this ratio is ascending gradually day after day. People who earn daily wages suffer a lot. Due to continuous lockdown, people are even short of two times meal a day. So, the freelancing, in these crises, can be proved as the best source to earn a handsome amount with which you don’t need to go outside.

Fundamentals to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

Have used computer before? Then it is very much easier for you to enter in this field but don’t be afraid if you never went through computing. Still if you have urge, you will be a gem in freelancing.

You can let yourself learn one of the following skills in order to earn

● Digital Marketing
● Graphics and Designing
● Video and Animation
● Music and Audio
● Programming and Tech
● Writing and Translation
● Lifestyle
● Business and Industries

If you want to get yourself expert in the above-mentioned skills, the first thing that you need is a computer because there are lots of courses available on the internet which you access for free or by paying very little. You can also take help from many virtual academies who offer paid classes. The thing which is required the most is your self-determination. There are different types of jobs available through freelancing platforms. That is why it is important that you first get command on one platform, the more you will spend on one platform the more chances you have to groom and to get good work.

Now you will get comprehensive knowledge about how you will be able to learn this in Pakistan.

What is Freelancing in Pakistan? 100 Million Dollars’ Guide

Learn a Single Skill But learn at its Best

This is very important in freelancing terms. You need to get command on at least one skill but it is quite better instead of learning multiple skills with weak command. You need to be an expert in a skill. It is also important that whatever skillset you choose, you can generate best work. The Internet will help you out to learn the best source of learning. There are thousands of platforms that offer free online lessons. One of the best channels is Udemy.

Grow Your Own Community

This is also one of the most vital sources if you wish to start out freelancing. you wish to make and magnify your reach. Supply your wonderful services to the sellers at quite a low value. This strategy can be proved very much efficient.

Stay Compliant to Your Standards

Never compromise over the standard of your work. A lot of customers are going to be pleased with your work, a lot are going to be the possibility that you simply can get on-line work.

Best Platforms to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you can start your freelancing career with the following platforms

Fiver – A Perfect Platform to Start

Fiver is one of the finest freelancing community which is considered to be the best marketplace for the individuals who want to earn online. You can begin your career perfectly with this community. You just need to build strong profiles and portfolios in order to attract buyers to hire you for their jobs. Create proper gigs which include proper packages for the buyers to choose the best one which will suit their budget. In gigs, you will need to maintain and select budgets according to your skills. This platform is not free, Fiver will deduct a little percentage from their total project but to bid on the buyers’ proposals is totally free unlike the other freelancing platforms. So go and join the fiver from today and start earning a handsome amount!

What is Freelancing in Pakistan? 100 Million Dollars’ Guide

Upwork – A House of Big Projects

Upwork is considered as the best marketplace when it comes to the freelancing. This platform is very much resourceful but to the best professionals where they can take opportunities to collaborate with many other professionals around the globe. Moreover, it also makes you enable to grab hourly projects along with flat jobs

Freelancer – The Parent Community for Freelancers

Freelancer is the oldest market which was founded by Matt Barrie in 2009. This is one of the best freelancing platforms when it comes to the skills such as writing, data entry, accounting, etc. Same like other platforms, this also offers the projects of different expertise and potential level in order to make you enough capable to learn and earn simultaneously.

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